Week 2 – 52 Stories

Question this week is “What is something you taught yourself to do without help from anyone else?”

I am having trouble thinking of something that I have taught myself.  I want to say genealogy however, I do not think that without the expert genealogist and their webinars I do not think I would know as much as I do today.

Even from a young child, do we teach ourselves anything.  From walking, talking, eating, manners, writing, education.  Generally we are taught or at least influence from parents, teachers etc.

Also with the internet and books, we are not too far away from learning anything.  But is it really self taught if we watch someone or if we google it?  Aren’t we learning from someone, it might not necessary be someone in a classroom or a book.

If I come up with anything, I’ll update in the future.



Review – Brine/White Family

This side of the family is my mother in laws side of the family.  My mother-in-law was adopted at a young age.  She has found her sister and is in contact with her, unfortunately her mother passed away before she meet her. We have been advised of a name of her father, however have not had any luck in finding anything about him.

So thats start with her mother’s name:


I have not done much in this area, but I do know her mother’s name and where she was living.  Therefore I can most likely start on this area when I can.  My main area is my mother-in-law’s mother, Gwendoline Brine.

My questions are:

-Who are here parents?
-Where and when she was born?
-Did she have any siblings?
-I note she died in 1997 but exactly where and how?
-I know she married Phillip Baker in 1954, but where and when?


I have a name of Eric White and a possible place he lived.  However the Eric White I have found there, I’m not sure its the correct one.  Therefore, I am relying on the Autosomal DNA that my mother-in-law has taken to hopefully give us a clue, but to date no clue has appeared.  Maybe something will appear in the future.


This is my mother-in-law’s adopted father’s line of the family.  I have not done much at the moment, but my questions for Arthur Harry Waters are:

-Where and when born?
-Who is his parents?
-Where and when married?
-Any siblings?


This is my mother-in-law’s adopted mother’s line of the family.  I have know her mother, Irene Joan Legge was married previously and had 2 children previously. I will continue researching, my questions are:

-Where and when she was born?
-Who are her parents?
-Any siblings?
-Who was her first marriage to? Where and when?
-Who are these 2 children previously?  Are they still alive?  If so, does my mother in law want to contact them?
-Did they get a divorce?  What exactly happened?

Lots to think about and research.

Ciao for now.


Week 1 – of 52 Stories

Familysearch are trying to encourage people to write more about there own lives to pass on to our descendants. So, I have decided to do this.

If you want to know more please go to family search blog here.

So the first prompt question is:

What goals do you hope to achieve this year?

Personal Goals:

-To lose as much weight as possible
-To pass M92 – Insurance Business and Finance (Insurance exam).  This will be my 3rd exam out of 4 to get my Diploma in Insurance.
-Depending on how busy work is; to pass the last exam and achieve my Diploma in Insurance.
-To be happy and to spend as much time with family and friends.
-To go with the flow and not to expect too much

Genealogy Research:

-To continue researching through the 4th generation.
-Get my mum, dad, great aunt and Chris to do a DNA test.
-To keep blogging at least 1 – 2 times a week.  Including doing organizing genealogy, 52 stories in 52 weeks, introduce an ancestor.
-To index atleast once a month (second Saturday of every month).

Genealogy Education:

-To watch the Family Tree webinar each week.
-To learn more about DNA and put it into practice with regards to my research
-To do some DearMyrtle studygroups
-To read and understand Mastering Genealogical Proof and put it into practice

Genealogy Writing

-To do 52 stories about myself
-To finish Robert Maxfield’s military story and to start someone else’s
-To write up stories for the introduce an ancestor on my blog.

Maxfield Review


I have been successful in finding Robert Maxfield’s four other brothers, Albert E Maxfield, Frederick Maxfield, Edward Maxfield and William Maxfield.  I an currently looking for their descendants.

Albert Edward Maxfield: I have found the children and are in regular contact with them.

Edward Maxfield: I am aware that the decenedants of Frederick Maxfield are still in contact with Edward’s children.  Need to see if I can reach out to this family again.

Frederick Maxfield: I have contacted one of the children who provided me with some info, however still need to confirm information I have been given.  Something does not add up.

William Maxfield: I contacted someone I thought was an descendant, however was not. Therefore, I am still looking more info this side of the family.

Once I am in contact with all the family members, the plan is to organise a family reunion. However, it would be easier if I am not living in Guernsey when arranging this as it will be expensive to travel over to the mainland to arrange this.

Robert Maxfield: I have yet to finish Robert’s military story which is still being worked on.

My next area of interest is Albert Edward Maxfield (Robert’s Father).  So my starting questions are:

-Where was he born and when?
-Confirm  his siblings & parents;
-When and where married? I know he married Sarah Emma Steele
-When, where and how he died?
-If he was buried and if so where?

My first family review of the year.




Happy New Year!


So 2016 was interesting and exciting.  During last year I found out my great great grandmother, Bessie Dinning was married to a Brown prior to marrying my great great grandfather John Hill.  Therefore I added 7 half siblings to the tree.  I have been slowly looking into each of them.

Whilst researching into the Maxfield family on behalf of my boyfriend, Chris I found out that there are living relatives.  These are descendant’s of Chris’ grandfathers siblings.  Unfortunately, I am unable to give full details as they are living.

My great great grandfather and mother were German and travelled to U.S.A and had 2 children named Charles and Henry.  When they travelled to the UK they both had German passport.  At the start of World War 1 they rounded up all enemy alien’s between the age of 18 – 50.  Unfortunately, as they had German passports they were declared Enemy Alien and were sent to a civilian Prisoner of War camp.  They were detained at Alexander Palace.  I am still researching Charles and Henry and will do an ancestor introduction in the near future.

I was contacted by a descendant who had been reviewing their DNA matches and came across mine and we had an ancestor match.  Turns out they are my 4th ancestor once removed.  I hope this is just the start of the DNA matches and hope this is more to come in the future.


So whats the plan for 2017?  Well I have a few plans;

  1.  Organising my genealogy – I have written out my own goals for getting my genealogy organised this year.  So the first few months will consist of reviewing each family group, seeing what I need to do for each family group/member, relooking at the data and see if I am missing any information and writing out questions per person.  Then I will spend a few months then going through the families and making sure that all data is in Roots Magic.
  2. Education –  I have loads of books to read in 2017 including some study groups I planned to do last year but did not get to do them.  Unfortunately due to money issues I have decided not to go to Who do you think you are live 2017 – costs so much for the flight from Guernsey to UK, then hotel at Birmingham for a few nights and money for food.  However, I am hoping to do some paid online courses.
  3. Bullet Journal – I have decided to try out a bullet journal.  The one thing that has interested me in doing this is to have all my notes and information under one book instead of scattered all over different books.
  4. Plans for my blog – So I plan to utilise my blog more.  Instead of doing 52 ancestors in 52 weeks, which was cut short last year due to running out of ancestors that I had truly researched, this year I will do an introduce an ancestor.  I am also looking at doing up the blog, however I am struggling on a new name for the blog, therefore once I have a name I will design the blog and potential get a new domain name.

The Future

I hope in 2018 or later I will be more confident in researching and the GPS to be able to get Certified Genealogist, CG however my plan is to learn more about the GPS and put it into practise until then.



Update and Future of blog!

Sorry for not posting since July! Were in December, where does the time fly?   Nearly the end of 2016, and nearly 2017.

So what my plan for 2017?  I plan to utilise the blog a little more next year.  I have started writing a plan for on what I will be posting week to week.  However,  I will be working towards my Dip Cii (diploma insurance certificate)  hopefully finish it therefore I cannot promise anything at the moment. But I want to use it more than I have this year. 

I am also working towards upgrading the blog, making it a bit formal.  Currently working on this. Need  to come up with a formal blog name with custom web address. 

A review for this year, well I failed at the 52 ancestors in 52 weeks after running out of known ancestors.  I will be continuing something similar next year, but it will be more along the lines an Announce an Ancestor.  The Getting Organised with Dear Myrtle lasted until March therefore I’ve been doing my own little organising.  I do need to concentrate on this next year and will try and fit it in weekly. Maybe an organisation day? In respect of the indexing,  I did not do this throughout the whole year but managed to do half of the months. I would like to continue with in your next year. 

Lots of ideas for next year and lots of planning to do! 



So, I’ve been on holiday for a few weeks seeing family and friends.  During this time I have been able to trace two first cousins once removed on my boyfriends side of the family, helped break the indexing record with Family Search and had an interview with my great Aunt regarding the Hilll side of the family.

I was advised that one of the Brown boys from my great great grandmother’s first family died in the first world war. After much decision we determined it was Charles William Brown as she had not heard of that son.

I then went home and started looking in the Welsh Newpapers and eventually found  Charles William Brown who was in the Royal Welch Fusiliers.  I will eventually do a 52 ancestors on this ancestor.

I will be travelling home on Sunday and hoping to do more research on him then.

Until next time.