52 Stories – Week 5 & 6

As I am a week behind I have decided to do 2 weeks in 1 week.

So Week 5’s question is “Do you remember how your primary school smelled? or where your desk was?  Share some school memories.”

My primary school had a strange painting on the wall of the hall.  It was meant to be a picture of the school from when it opened.  I remember the picture was from a dinnertime and the school’s chef was dishing out food.  However the only key thing I remember was that one of the children had Satan horns and tail.

When I was in year 5, I suffered with headaches which I .  My year 5 teacher joked about removing my head and replacing it with a sponge ball.

Also, when I was in year 5 during a sport lesson, the class had been separated into 2 groups and we had to run to the other group’s base pick up their football and run back to our base and put it on our stand while the other team would do the same.  Whilst doing this, I collided with the other team’s guy and fell down.  Even though I got bullied for this, I was the one who came out worse of the situation.  I chipped my tooth, and I ended up blacking out and not really aware of anything until I was walking home with 2 of the teachers beside me.

These are only a few of the memories I remember from primary school.

Week’s 6 question is “Do you know the story of how your grandparents met and fell in love?”

My maternal grandparents lived in the same street and were childhood sweethearts.  My grandfather had written a letter to my grandmother, Marie, to advise her that he was not meeting her tomorrow as the person he changed his shift with is off.  We note from this letter that it was written prior to his time in the army.  In 1950 (when he went to national service) it was mandatory to do 2 years national service.  The letter states “I am waiting for two years to go by” so he could spend more time with Marie.  They married in 1954.


Unfortunately I do not know how my paternal grandparents fell in love.

Thats it for now.




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