Continue – Review Hill/Brown

Sydney W Brown

I have found a birth index, however will need to obtain the birth certificate to find out the correct date and person.

Need to find out if Sydney was in World War 1.  Will look into this.

Have found a some potential children, will need to review these and see if they are related.

Have found a death index but will need to obtain the certificate to confirm if this is the correct person and if so, where, when and how he died.

Will also find out if he was buried and if so, contact Barry Cemetery to see where.

Idris F Hill

This is my great grand father.

Need to adventure into Glamorgan Archives and look into the school logs see if there is anything of interest.

Need to obtain his death certificate to find out how he died.

Bessie Dinning

I have yet to find out Bessie’s exact birthday to find her index.  Her age changes from census to census.  Therefore still need to find birth index and obtain birth certificate to confirm parents.

I know she was born in Somerset, so my main question is why did she travel to Barry was it for work for William Brown?

I have yet to find the marriage index to her first husband

Also need to obtain death certificate (this might also help me with the birth) to find out how she passed away.

John A Hill

I have yet to find John’s birth index and will purchased birth certificate when found to confirm mother.

Will obtain death certificate to confirm when, where and how he died.  This might also help me find the birth index.

Hopefully, when I find more details about Bessie and John, these will make me ask more questions.

Thats it for now.   52 stories will be tomorrow.





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