Maxfield Review


I have been successful in finding Robert Maxfield’s four other brothers, Albert E Maxfield, Frederick Maxfield, Edward Maxfield and William Maxfield.  I an currently looking for their descendants.

Albert Edward Maxfield: I have found the children and are in regular contact with them.

Edward Maxfield: I am aware that the decenedants of Frederick Maxfield are still in contact with Edward’s children.  Need to see if I can reach out to this family again.

Frederick Maxfield: I have contacted one of the children who provided me with some info, however still need to confirm information I have been given.  Something does not add up.

William Maxfield: I contacted someone I thought was an descendant, however was not. Therefore, I am still looking more info this side of the family.

Once I am in contact with all the family members, the plan is to organise a family reunion. However, it would be easier if I am not living in Guernsey when arranging this as it will be expensive to travel over to the mainland to arrange this.

Robert Maxfield: I have yet to finish Robert’s military story which is still being worked on.

My next area of interest is Albert Edward Maxfield (Robert’s Father).  So my starting questions are:

-Where was he born and when?
-Confirm  his siblings & parents;
-When and where married? I know he married Sarah Emma Steele
-When, where and how he died?
-If he was buried and if so where?

My first family review of the year.





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