Happy New Year!


So 2016 was interesting and exciting.  During last year I found out my great great grandmother, Bessie Dinning was married to a Brown prior to marrying my great great grandfather John Hill.  Therefore I added 7 half siblings to the tree.  I have been slowly looking into each of them.

Whilst researching into the Maxfield family on behalf of my boyfriend, Chris I found out that there are living relatives.  These are descendant’s of Chris’ grandfathers siblings.  Unfortunately, I am unable to give full details as they are living.

My great great grandfather and mother were German and travelled to U.S.A and had 2 children named Charles and Henry.  When they travelled to the UK they both had German passport.  At the start of World War 1 they rounded up all enemy alien’s between the age of 18 – 50.  Unfortunately, as they had German passports they were declared Enemy Alien and were sent to a civilian Prisoner of War camp.  They were detained at Alexander Palace.  I am still researching Charles and Henry and will do an ancestor introduction in the near future.

I was contacted by a descendant who had been reviewing their DNA matches and came across mine and we had an ancestor match.  Turns out they are my 4th ancestor once removed.  I hope this is just the start of the DNA matches and hope this is more to come in the future.


So whats the plan for 2017?  Well I have a few plans;

  1.  Organising my genealogy – I have written out my own goals for getting my genealogy organised this year.  So the first few months will consist of reviewing each family group, seeing what I need to do for each family group/member, relooking at the data and see if I am missing any information and writing out questions per person.  Then I will spend a few months then going through the families and making sure that all data is in Roots Magic.
  2. Education –  I have loads of books to read in 2017 including some study groups I planned to do last year but did not get to do them.  Unfortunately due to money issues I have decided not to go to Who do you think you are live 2017 – costs so much for the flight from Guernsey to UK, then hotel at Birmingham for a few nights and money for food.  However, I am hoping to do some paid online courses.
  3. Bullet Journal – I have decided to try out a bullet journal.  The one thing that has interested me in doing this is to have all my notes and information under one book instead of scattered all over different books.
  4. Plans for my blog – So I plan to utilise my blog more.  Instead of doing 52 ancestors in 52 weeks, which was cut short last year due to running out of ancestors that I had truly researched, this year I will do an introduce an ancestor.  I am also looking at doing up the blog, however I am struggling on a new name for the blog, therefore once I have a name I will design the blog and potential get a new domain name.

The Future

I hope in 2018 or later I will be more confident in researching and the GPS to be able to get Certified Genealogist, CG however my plan is to learn more about the GPS and put it into practise until then.




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