Update and Future of blog!

Sorry for not posting since July! Were in December, where does the time fly?   Nearly the end of 2016, and nearly 2017.

So what my plan for 2017?  I plan to utilise the blog a little more next year.  I have started writing a plan for on what I will be posting week to week.  However,  I will be working towards my Dip Cii (diploma insurance certificate)  hopefully finish it therefore I cannot promise anything at the moment. But I want to use it more than I have this year. 

I am also working towards upgrading the blog, making it a bit formal.  Currently working on this. Need  to come up with a formal blog name with custom web address. 

A review for this year, well I failed at the 52 ancestors in 52 weeks after running out of known ancestors.  I will be continuing something similar next year, but it will be more along the lines an Announce an Ancestor.  The Getting Organised with Dear Myrtle lasted until March therefore I’ve been doing my own little organising.  I do need to concentrate on this next year and will try and fit it in weekly. Maybe an organisation day? In respect of the indexing,  I did not do this throughout the whole year but managed to do half of the months. I would like to continue with in your next year. 

Lots of ideas for next year and lots of planning to do!