So, I’ve been on holiday for a few weeks seeing family and friends.  During this time I have been able to trace two first cousins once removed on my boyfriends side of the family, helped break the indexing record with Family Search and had an interview with my great Aunt regarding the Hilll side of the family.

I was advised that one of the Brown boys from my great great grandmother’s first family died in the first world war. After much decision we determined it was Charles William Brown as she had not heard of that son.

I then went home and started looking in the Welsh Newpapers and eventually found  Charles William Brown who was in the Royal Welch Fusiliers.  I will eventually do a 52 ancestors on this ancestor.

I will be travelling home on Sunday and hoping to do more research on him then.

Until next time.



Cousins Found & Indexing!

So today, with the use of Facebook I have managed to find a living first cousin 1x removed for Chris’.  The descendants of Albert Edward Maxfield (jnr). It’s  an exciting experience and so amazing to finally find living relatives and hoping that we can share information.

As advised a few days ago, family search are doing a indexing event. They are trying to get 72,000 members to index a records.  When writing this blog they were at 64,489 with 25 hours remaining.  If you are interested feel free to have a look at it here.

Thats it for now.




So in the last month I’ve made a few discoveries in the last month.  I have managed to trace Robert Maxfield’s (Chris’ grandfather) brothers.  They are Albert Edward Maxfield, Frederick Maxfield, William Maxfield and Edward Maxfield. I am now looking into them individually.

Also, I have been contacted by Chris’ third cousin.  Her mother is the sister of Robert Maxfield’s mother, Sarah Emma Steele.  Unfortunately no link to the Maxfield family due to the age differences between the sisters.  However a lot of information regarding the Steele family which I am eager to delve into.

My mother-in-law has done an Ancestry DNA test. She was adopted, she has managed to find out her biological parents and sisters however the rest of the family is still a mystery. The DNA test is currently in the lab being processed and I am looking forward to see what the results are.

Familysearch is doing another Worldwide Indexing Event.  There goal this year is to have atleast 72,000 volunteers index as many records as possible in 72 hours between July 15th – July 17th.   I will be taking part in this and looking forward to it.  If your interested, please see this article.

I am in Wales for the next 2 weeks hoping to do lots of researching whilst here.  Also, I’m hoping to get some plans for my blog underway shortly.  Depending on money ofcourse.

Until next time.  Cya later