Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – 14/05/2016

So Genea-Musings recent mission was to talk about my ‘other’ life outside of doing my genealogy.

Other Hobbies: I play computer games, such as The Division, World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls series. I am currently playing Black Desert Online. I also play mobile games which include Hay Day. I also read, I have a long list of books to read, including genealogy books. I am currently reading ‘The Secret’ and once finished I will be reading ‘In the Family Way’ by Jane Robinson.  I also go the the gym frequently aswell.


Family: I live in Guernsey with my boyfriend and his family.  My family live in Wales and every 3/4 months I travel to Wales to spend time with them.  I usually skype with my family at least once or twice a week.  I also have two black and white cats, named Darcy and Dora.  Unfortunately, we lost our dog, Deacon, yesterday.


Job: I work as a claims handler for a local insurance company.  I have obtained my Cert CII and working towards my Dip (Diploma) CII.  I mainly work on the personal lines within claims however have tabbled in Motor and commercial claims.  Its a very busy job and can be stressful at times, however I do love the job.

FutureLearn: I generally love learning either it be for my job, genealogy or just an interest that I have.  I am currently working towards some free online courses through FutureLearn which include health and history.

Mission Complete 😀





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