Catch Up Time – Huge Update!

So whats been going on the last few months?

Finally Getting Organised!

Well Dear Myrtle’s Getting Organised weekly checklist’s have seemed to have stop, so I have decided to do my own way of organizing.  I am currently working through the youngest generation and making sure I have all the information I need.  If I do not have something such as an index then I will go and get it and make sure it is sourced within Rootsmagic and transcripted.  If I cannot obtain the information then I write it in a notepad to check at a later date. This way I work from the youngest to the oldest generation and work out where my weak spots are.

Who Do You Think You Are Live?

Who do you think you are live at NEC Birmingham was amazing! So we arrived on the Wednesday and decided to have a look to see where it was and took the first picture below prior to it being open.

So throughout the 3 days I went to different classes.  Here are some of the things I learnt:

  • Cynefin, a Welsh digital tithe map project.
  • Tabitha McCabe advised how important the FAN club is when trying to look for answers.
  • Dr Ian McDonald gave another perspective on viewing ‘the brick wall’.
  • Ron Arons  advised why timelines and mind maps are important in genealogy.

I obtained 3 new books which were all signed  by the authors.  I obtained ‘In the Family Way’ by Jane Robinson, ‘Marriage Law for genealogists’ and ‘Divorced, Bigamist, Bereaved?’ by Rebecca Probert.  I have not managed to read any of them yet, as I am currently reading through some other books, but they are next on my list to read and so excited to read them.

I am currently researching my boyfriend, Chris’ Y tree  (Maxfield).  I have been trying to convince him to do a DNA test for a few months.  Whilst at WDYTYA Live he agreed to do a Y DNA to find out more about the Maxfield line.

What I have found out on Chris’ family 

We have managed to contact the MODMO (Ministry of Defense Medal Office) and ask what medals Robert Maxfield (Chris’ grandfather) obtained during his service in WW2. During his service from 1939 – 1947 he received the following medals:

-1939-45 Star
-Italy Star
-Defence Medal
-War Medal 1939/45

I have also been trying to find out is Robert had any siblings.  I think I have found a few, however no supporting documentation (without buying all their birth certificates).  Therefore I decided to obtain Albert Maxfield’s will (Chris’ great grandfather – Robert Maxfield’s father).  However very disappointed that it only named his wife.

I have been having issues finding the Maxfield family in the 1939 records.  However I do have an address for Robert’s mother prior to him entering the war in November 1939 and therefore searched the records using this date.  I found them, however the transcription is all wrong.  They have been transcripted as Mayfield and the father, Albert Maxfield was put in the address above and the father from the address below the records has been put into this one. I have contacted Findmypast and advised so I am hoping this will be changed in the near future.

In the 1939 records I have managed to find a brother for Robert Maxfield, Frederick Maxfield. However Robert Maxfield was not on there.  I was not sure if he was blanked out (which he shouldn’t be as he died in 1975).  Therefore when I was at WDYTYA Live I spoke to someone at the National Archive booth.  I wondered if he would be removed from the records which were taken in September 1939 because he joined the war in November 1939.  However she advised that this was not the case.  What could have happened is that when he came out of the army they could not find his old one and set him up a new one and have not been able to sync them.  Therefore, I decided to request a record to be unlocked through Findmypast and sent Robert Maxfield’s death certificate.  3 days later it was confirmed that it was successful and would be unlocked.

What I have found out on my family?

So a few months ago I found a half family my great great grandmother, Bessie’s first marriage.  She married a William J Brown and had 7 children before William passed away in 1897.  She then got with my great great grandfather, John and had a further 2 children.  I am still looking into this family but my great aunt knows something about them and therefore I will be talking to her hopefully next time I am in Wales in July.

My German family has also been interesting.  When my great great grandfather moved from Germany he went by the name Theodore Ude.  However I have been having issues finding any records from when he was in Germany.  I had a feeling that Theodore maybe a middle name or nickname used when he moved.  When I was at WDYTYA Live a lovely German man from a German Society showed me and found Theodore Ude’s full name, Paul Wilhem Theodore Ude.  I am looking into this further, but it was a buzz and hoping I can now go further back on this area of the family.


Due to WDYTYA Live I failed in doing any indexing last month and I have yet to do some this month.  I plan to do a minimum of an hour of indexing tomorrow 9th May, as it is a bank holiday in Guernsey for Liberation Day.

Future Learn

Lostcousins newsletter recently advised a free genealogy course through Future Learn.

The course shows you the difference between a genealogist and a family historian, the GPS, how to obtain sources and get the best use of out them.

This has finished now but is due to be repeated in the near future.

If your interested in knowing more about FutureLearn, feel free to look at my post here  or check out the website at

If you interested feel free to note your interest and they will email you a date when they have confirmed this.


I have ordered Evidentia along with the book and quick guide.  It was on offer when NGS was on and I am looking forward to obtaining this.

The future of the blog

I am going back to my normal posting routine.  No more breaks! I am currently looking at doing up the blog and changing the URL (always wanted to have custom email address). However need to come up with an idea for a name. I will tell you more about this at a later date.

Sorry for the long post, but there we are.  You have been updated!




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