Getting Organised February Update!


Ok, so I have been doing the Getting Organised Checklist with DearMYRTLE.  I have found this month quite interesting as I have started learning more about the Genealogy Proof Standard. Here is a breakdown of my month:

1) Week 1 (31st Jan  – 6th Feb 2016)

I completed all the challenges during this week. However it took me a bit of time to input all my father’s siblings as he is one of seven.  During this I wanted to make sure my sources were in together with adequate transcriptions.

2) Week 2 (7th Feb – 13th Feb)

I had slightly took a little bit longer to complete this week’s checklist as I wanted to make sure that I read chapter 1 of Evidence Explained before watching “What Does She Say” 1 & 2.  I have done this now.  I made a long list of documents that I need to scan when I go back to Wales next week.

3) Week 3 (14th Feb – 20th Feb 2016)

I am still working through this one.   When I was creating sources for my facts I made sure my citations were adequate at the same time.  (Mainly because it was drilled into me to make sure I know where I got everything to make sure other can replicate the steps I’ve taken).  I have yet to read ‘ESM’s Quick Lesson 22: What Citation Template Do I use?’.  Therefore I am hoping to do this tonight.  And I do want to finish watching the “What Does SHE Say?” But I have yet to read Chapter 2 of The Evidence Explained.

4) Week 4 (21st – 27th Feb)

I have attached the documents to prove a fact however I have yet to write a conclusion under notes for each event or fact about the multiple sources.

The extra credit is to watch The Written Conclusion and DearMYTRLE also suggested I watch this study Group aswell on her blog.  I will get to this after finishing the


So to conclude I have learnt a lot over the month regarding the GPS (Genealogy Proof Standards) and are putting it more into practice.  However I am looking forward to taking this further and learning more.

I have yet to complete some of the points and will carry on to make sure they are completed as I do not want to miss out a point.  I will keep you updated over the following weeks on how I am doing with the points missed.

Anyway, back to reading Chapter 2 Evidence Explained.




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