Update & A Story

Ok, sorry about being quiet for the past week and a bit.  I was on holiday seeing family last week and things got a bit busy.  I then also got my new computer and on my return on Sunday clean and set it up.  I did a bit of genealogy whilst away however I spent a lot of time with my living family.

Whilst away my dad’s Auntie confirmed that the half family I was looking into for my great grandfather was correct.  Therefore I am working on this along with organising my family tree.


I am slightly late with the checklists and I am catching up.  I have manged to finish watching the Study Group videos’What Does SHE Say?’ dated 14th August 2015 and 21st August 2015.  I have just finished reading Chapter 2 of Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills and therefore I am watching “What Does SHE Say?’ videos dated 28th August 2015 and 4th September 2015.

The Getting Organised 28th February – 5th March 2016 is to write a story every single day for the week.  I am starting mine today and I will write a story every wednesday for 7 weeks.

I was told from my father, that my grand mother, Beatrice Newcombe, told my father. Beatrice Newcome was one of the children of Florence Sainsbury (married name was Newcombe).  We are not direct ancestors of Lord Sainsbury’s based in London however we are somehow (yet to be confirmed) related.  My grandmother went to a mansion belonging to the Sainsbury with Florence Siansbury. She entered the property through the servant’s quarters and met a relative within the property.  My grandmother had a tour of the Mansion whilst Florence was busy sorting things out.

I have yet to determine who’s Mansion she attended however I always keep this in mind whilst working on the Sainbury side of the property.

That’s it until next time.



March Index!!

My plane was delayed 2 and half hours, luckily I decided to download a few indexes to do offline. Then a hour and half bus journey, so managed to get a lot of indexes done.  Here is my personal goal for this month:

march index

Anyway going to enjoy whats left of my Saturday.  Have a good weekend everyone!



Getting Organised February Update!


Ok, so I have been doing the Getting Organised Checklist with DearMYRTLE.  I have found this month quite interesting as I have started learning more about the Genealogy Proof Standard. Here is a breakdown of my month:

1) Week 1 (31st Jan  – 6th Feb 2016)

I completed all the challenges during this week. However it took me a bit of time to input all my father’s siblings as he is one of seven.  During this I wanted to make sure my sources were in together with adequate transcriptions.

2) Week 2 (7th Feb – 13th Feb)

I had slightly took a little bit longer to complete this week’s checklist as I wanted to make sure that I read chapter 1 of Evidence Explained before watching “What Does She Say” 1 & 2.  I have done this now.  I made a long list of documents that I need to scan when I go back to Wales next week.

3) Week 3 (14th Feb – 20th Feb 2016)

I am still working through this one.   When I was creating sources for my facts I made sure my citations were adequate at the same time.  (Mainly because it was drilled into me to make sure I know where I got everything to make sure other can replicate the steps I’ve taken).  I have yet to read ‘ESM’s Quick Lesson 22: What Citation Template Do I use?’.  Therefore I am hoping to do this tonight.  And I do want to finish watching the “What Does SHE Say?” But I have yet to read Chapter 2 of The Evidence Explained.

4) Week 4 (21st – 27th Feb)

I have attached the documents to prove a fact however I have yet to write a conclusion under notes for each event or fact about the multiple sources.

The extra credit is to watch The Written Conclusion and DearMYTRLE also suggested I watch this study Group aswell on her blog.  I will get to this after finishing the


So to conclude I have learnt a lot over the month regarding the GPS (Genealogy Proof Standards) and are putting it more into practice.  However I am looking forward to taking this further and learning more.

I have yet to complete some of the points and will carry on to make sure they are completed as I do not want to miss out a point.  I will keep you updated over the following weeks on how I am doing with the points missed.

Anyway, back to reading Chapter 2 Evidence Explained.