Research and 1939 Records!

So thanks to the Finally Getting Organised Checklist by DearMYTRLE I have finally managed to do some research.  So this week I have been spending my time researching my great grandfather’s family, Idris Frank Hill.  I have come across a half family with the surname Brown.

From the information I have Idris Frank Hill’s mother, Bessie Dinning  (my great great grandmother) was married with children prior to marrying John A Hill.  Therefore I have spent the last few days purely researching this family. I am still eagerly researching both families to make sure that the family I am researching is my family.   **DO NOT TAKE THIS INFORMATION AS DEFINITE AS IT IS STILL BEING RESEARCHED AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE**

Also, the 1939 register became available for all annual subscriptions through Currently, only the 1911 census has been released.  The 1921 census will be released in 2021 unfortunately, the 1931 census records were destroyed and then no census was taking in 1941 due to the war.  So between 1921 – 1951 the 1939 registers are the only thing to fill in the gap.

I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon searching families on the 1939 register. The only records available are people who passed away prior to 1991 or are over the age of 100. There are a lot of people blocked off, however I do look forward to them opening more records as there are a few people that I think should be unlocked but aren’t as they passed away after 1991.



My apologies in respect of the 52 ancestors in 52 weeks, when I decided to do it, I expected to research an ancestor weekly to write about.  However, my prediction was incorrect.  It can take a long time to research an ancestor, therefore I have no more ancestors I can write about at the moment.  I will continue to write about my ancestors in the future, but it might not be a weekly thing, as first anticipated.

So anyway, back to researching.  Enjoy your Wednesday.



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