Getting Organised – Checklist 7th Feb – 13th Feb 2016


First thing is first, I have a little confession.  From Ancestry’s recent announcement about Roots Magic, I went ahead and purchased it last week.  I have been using this instead of Legacy for the time being.  However, I am happy I have both now as I do prefer the amount of Legacy’s reports I can use.  Although, I do prefer how Roots Magic prints the Family group sheet and have been using this to print them for my binders.

1. Did I finish inputting my ancestors siblings?

DearMYTRLE was at Rootstech last week and thankfully, this weeks checklist was put up late. This gave me plenty of time to make sure my ancestors siblings were inputted, sourced and up to date in Roots Magic. Although, I have not done the binders as of yet as the families are not finished, and did not want to waste paper printing family group reports with half the family on.

2.  Print out and study the synopsis of the GPS.

I’ve printed the synopsis of the GPS from their website and laminated the page. I do travel back to Wales a lot and also going to Who Do You Think You Are Live as well in April, I do not think a piece of paper will survive long without it being laminated.  Now I have no fear of it being damage.

3. Read the requested blogs and view the embedded videos.

The videos are related to chapters 1 and 2 of Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills.  I got this book for Christmas but have not managed to read it.  I would prefer to read chapters 1 and 2 prior to reviewing the videos.  Therefore this task will take a little longer to complete.

4. Make research notes and your to-do list where you now realise your evidence is weak.

I have analyzed the information and facts for my 3 HILL generations, and realise that I do have some weak areas.  I have managed to write a sheet of paper for documentation that I need to obtain.  Also, these documentations might lead me to something else.

Anyway that’s it for now.  Got some reading to do!



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