Getting Organised – Checklist 31st – 6th Feb 2016


I have decided to do this a day early as tomorrow I will be indexing as per my resolution in Janaury (indexing on the first Saturday of every month).  I found this week the hardest out of all the previous weeks.  My thoughts are below:

1. Commence working on you mother’s maiden name binder.

I have completed this and printed off the family group sheets.  I have yet to create an introduction for this. I have also sorted out the digital folders like my binders, so they mirror each other.

2. Pesky Siblings – Make sure siblings of ancestors are typed in my genealogy management software and create additional binders for the married woman.

I found this part the hardest.  I have infact not got this far with transferring my data from FTM to Legacy and therefore I had to input them all over this week.  My father is one of 7, along with my other ancestor siblings, I have not completed this task yet.  I have inputted, sourced and transcribed all the other ancestors except my fathers line, where I have just inputted the data.  I will continue to work on to completely source and transcribe the documentations for my fathers line in the incoming week.

Although I have created binders my brother and his descendants and my father’s sisters.  At this point I realised that I need extra storage room for the binders.  (Nagging the other half for a shelf above my desk).  I have yet to fill these binders together with an introduction.

I am slightly confused on where my cousins will fall in line with all of this.  However, I will leave them for now and wait for the next checklist’s hoping it becomes clear soon.

I will update you on this task next week, when I will be completed.

Goodnight, Nos Da (In welsh)






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