Getting Organised – Checklist 24th – 30th Jan 2016


1. Volunteer at FamilySearch indexing

Although, I have decided to index at least a minimum of 30 minutes on the first Saturday of every month, I decided to do some more this week for the checklist.  I managed to do 108 records on the 27th January 2016.  Here is my personal goal which confirms the amount I’ve done.

index for checklist

2. Learn to browse the image collection at

Whilst searching through the image collection at I did not realise how many records they had online.  Therefore realised how important it is to not just search but to browse the image collection as you might find something you did not know was online.

Along with looking into the image collection at, I also managed to watch two live webinar’s this week.  These were regarding English research, I learnt that the wiki part of familysearch can be very important to use to obtain further information.

3. Create binders for myself and mother’s maiden name.

I have done this.  I have know 4 three ring binders under my desk. Ready for the next checklists.

4. Update your genealogy program to include your siblings.

This was nice and easy seeing I have only one brother.  I have already done this when transferring my data from Family Tree Maker to Legacy.  However, have double checked to make sure I have all the documentation I need, and realised I miss some documentation.  I have written this down to obtain (and on my to do list in legacy) these when I am in Wales in March.

Conclusion for January

I’m quite happy with January’s progression towards getting organised.  I am loving the idea of a coffee table binder.  I have a few non-genealogical and techno-phobias, which this will help. Will be nice to have something available instead of scrapping stuff together to give them.

Doing the checklist I realised that my facts for my 3 first generations (not up to 4th generation yet) are all correct and are in order however I am missing a few pieces of documentation which I need to obtain in Wales. By the time I go I will have a list the size of my arm.

I feel that some weight is lifting and I’ll soon be able to start properly researching without having to worry about getting organised.

So, a big thank you to DEARMyrtle for January’s checklist and looking forward to getting more organised next month.

Until the next checklist.




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