Getting Organised – Checklist 17th – 23rd Jan 2016


The checklist was only released on Thursday due to unfortunate events in DearMyrtle’s life. My thoughts are with DearMyrtle and her family through this hard time. However, we are back on track!

1. Transcribe every document you’ve collected on the first four generations in my Hill name binder.

I’m slightly ahead of the game on this one, as I’ve recently manually been transferring my information and documentation to Legacy.  Whilst doing my sources I have been transcribing the documentation into Legacy. However, I have been using two monitors to do this.  Therefore I have decided to download Transcript to do this in the future.

2. Refile each document in the Hill binder

All documentation has already been filed from last week.  I do need to rename my files a little better but I need to find out the best way for me.  So I will look into doing this over the next few weeks.

Next time I am back at my parent’s house in Wales, I do need to scan better copies of documentation they have.  I did a poor scan and cut off some of the documentation.  Therefore, have not put these documentation in the folder yet, as it would be a waste of ink and paper (thinking of those trees!). When I have better copies and scan I will then put them in the folder and of course transcript them.

Anyway that’s it for now.





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