DNA Test

So last year I did a DNA test, was quite surprised from the results.  So here were my results:

92% Great Britain
5% West Europe
1% Ireland
<1% East Europe
<1% Scandinavia

Looking at my research so far, I can confirm that I do have mainly Great British roots along with west Europe which is in fact German.  Very interested to see where the Irish is within my tree.

Along with that I have over 60 pages of DNA matches.  I have been through them, however as I have not done much of my tree unable to find a connection.  I hope that will change once I delve into my tree a bit more.

I have uploaded my data to Gedmatch.  I don’t fully understand it, so will need to spend a bit of time getting to know it.

I’m hoping to get my parents to do a DNA test this way I can get an indication on where my genes are from (Ie. mother sides or father side).  As I am also looking at the Maxfield side of Chris’ (my boyfriend) family I would also like to get him and his mother tested to identify the Maxfield gene in him.

In respect of the Getting Organised Checklist this week, I am currently working through this and will do a blog post dedicated to this in the next few days.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Sunday.



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