Getting organised – Checklist 3rd Jan – 9th Jan


Getting Organised checklist 3rd – 9th Jan

I find that I spend too much time organising then changing to a new system then redoing all the current people to the new system. Then I realise that in my allocated time to do genealogy that I haven’t progressed any further and spent my time just organising.

So, my main aim is to get organised during the whole year so I can spend more time researching.

1. I’ve cleared my desk of paperwork, then I put more junk not related to genealogy in the spaces.  So now I’m back to clearing again, and attempt to keep it clear.

2.  Love buying office supplies and therefore  I have everything that I need. However noticed that DearMYRTLE mentioned about photo-safe pencils, do not think I have any of these.  Therefore will look at my current office supplies and see if I have any.  If not, will need to go buy one.

3. I got a 27″ LG monitor for Christmas to along side my 24″ LG monitor.  So my desk is now complete. Also to mention I have Adobe Photoshop for scanning and editing.

4. Unfortunately, unable to get a red clipboard.  However, I have a few different colour exercise books left over from my exam.  Therefore have decided to use an orange book for computer problems.

5. Using a blue exercise book for my genealogy challenges.

Week 1 complete.  Ready for week 2.

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