Goodbye 2015, how quickly you came and went.

Welcome 2016! Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! (Happy new year in welsh)

Here are a few ideas of my new years resolutions:

-First Saturday of the month to index for a minimum of 30 minutes.
-Personal goal of mine is to put myself first this year.  I’m not doing any exams, which I have been doing the past 5 years.
-To concentrate on family (that’s including my genealogy).
-Write more and to do this I will be doing the 52 ancestors in 52 weeks.  Starting from this Wednesday 6th January.
-To start scanning pictures in and digitalizing them.
-To keep on learning more about genealogy (i.e study groups, webinars) including: Getting organised Group

Find out more here: http://blog.dearmyrtle.com/p/finally-get-organized.html

I am also attending Who Do You Think You Are Live in Birmingham in April. So looking forward to it.  Just need to book flights to get over there which I will do in the next few months.

Anyway that’s my plan for 2016.

Enjoy the first day of 2016!




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