Getting Organised – Checklist 24th – 30th Jan 2016


1. Volunteer at FamilySearch indexing

Although, I have decided to index at least a minimum of 30 minutes on the first Saturday of every month, I decided to do some more this week for the checklist.  I managed to do 108 records on the 27th January 2016.  Here is my personal goal which confirms the amount I’ve done.

index for checklist

2. Learn to browse the image collection at

Whilst searching through the image collection at I did not realise how many records they had online.  Therefore realised how important it is to not just search but to browse the image collection as you might find something you did not know was online.

Along with looking into the image collection at, I also managed to watch two live webinar’s this week.  These were regarding English research, I learnt that the wiki part of familysearch can be very important to use to obtain further information.

3. Create binders for myself and mother’s maiden name.

I have done this.  I have know 4 three ring binders under my desk. Ready for the next checklists.

4. Update your genealogy program to include your siblings.

This was nice and easy seeing I have only one brother.  I have already done this when transferring my data from Family Tree Maker to Legacy.  However, have double checked to make sure I have all the documentation I need, and realised I miss some documentation.  I have written this down to obtain (and on my to do list in legacy) these when I am in Wales in March.

Conclusion for January

I’m quite happy with January’s progression towards getting organised.  I am loving the idea of a coffee table binder.  I have a few non-genealogical and techno-phobias, which this will help. Will be nice to have something available instead of scrapping stuff together to give them.

Doing the checklist I realised that my facts for my 3 first generations (not up to 4th generation yet) are all correct and are in order however I am missing a few pieces of documentation which I need to obtain in Wales. By the time I go I will have a list the size of my arm.

I feel that some weight is lifting and I’ll soon be able to start properly researching without having to worry about getting organised.

So, a big thank you to DEARMyrtle for January’s checklist and looking forward to getting more organised next month.

Until the next checklist.




52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 4


Robert Alfred Cripps (aka Bob). This is my grandfather on my maternal side of the family.

Robert Alfred Cripps was born on 27th December 1929 in Uxbridge, Middlesex to Horace and Eva Cripps.  He had 2 older brothers, Horace John and Dennis Cripps.

In 1941, at the age of 12, Robert moved to Barry, South Glamorgan with his family.

He did his military service between 1948 – 1950. He was a driver at 1st Batt Welch Regiment.  He was working as a Railway Porter prior to this.

Robert married his girlfriend Marie Louise Moyst who lived a few doors down from him at Old Village Church, Cadoxton on 24th July 1954.

In 1956, Robert started working at BP, however at the time the name was Distillers. He started his career as a labourer, then later became a operator and fitters mate and factory service operator, utilities and supplied. He retired in 1981 where he was working as a assistant storeman. engineering and technical, after working there for 25 year, where he was given a purple TV for his service.

Robert Cripps passed away on 7th December 1999 at Llandough Hospital from left ventricular failure.  He was buried at Barry Cemetery at DD296.

Next week, I will be looking at Robert Maxfield, who is the grandfather of Chris.



Getting Organised – Checklist 17th – 23rd Jan 2016


The checklist was only released on Thursday due to unfortunate events in DearMyrtle’s life. My thoughts are with DearMyrtle and her family through this hard time. However, we are back on track!

1. Transcribe every document you’ve collected on the first four generations in my Hill name binder.

I’m slightly ahead of the game on this one, as I’ve recently manually been transferring my information and documentation to Legacy.  Whilst doing my sources I have been transcribing the documentation into Legacy. However, I have been using two monitors to do this.  Therefore I have decided to download Transcript to do this in the future.

2. Refile each document in the Hill binder

All documentation has already been filed from last week.  I do need to rename my files a little better but I need to find out the best way for me.  So I will look into doing this over the next few weeks.

Next time I am back at my parent’s house in Wales, I do need to scan better copies of documentation they have.  I did a poor scan and cut off some of the documentation.  Therefore, have not put these documentation in the folder yet, as it would be a waste of ink and paper (thinking of those trees!). When I have better copies and scan I will then put them in the folder and of course transcript them.

Anyway that’s it for now.




52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks -Week 3

Marie Louise Moyst (Marie Louise Cripps).


This is my grandmother on my mother’s side.

Marie Louise Moyst was born on 26th July 1929 to Jenny Eugene and William Ernest Moyst.  She was one of seven; six girls and 1 boy.

She attended Cadoxton Girls School and later went on to work as a tailor at Sideroy Mills.

Marie fell in love with Robert Alfred Cripps, who lived a few doors down the road from her.  She married him on 24 July 1954 at Old Village, Church, Cadoxton, Barry. They had one child.

Marie’s mother, Jenny Eugene committed suicide at her home address, on 20th April 1957. and her father, William Ernest passed away at his home address on 21 February, 1962.

Marie’s husband, Robert passed away on 7th December 1999 at Llandough Hospital, Penarth.

She passed away on 17th December 2004 at Heath Hospital (ie University Hospital of Wales) due to multi-organ failure at the age of 75 years old.

Her funeral took place at Adams Funeral Home  on 30th December 2004 and was buried at Barry Cemetery DD296.

Bob & Maries grave 2.jpg

Next week, I will writing about Robert Alfred Cripps.

Happy Wednesday!






SNGF – 16/01/2016

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun –

Mission Accepted.

So here’s my 2016 genealogy plan:

  • Attend Who Do You Think You Are Live in Birmingham, UK in April.  I plan to pre-book some classes which interest in.
  • I have a yearly subscription to Family Tree Webinar and try and watch the presentations live on Wednesday.  If not, I will add it to my playlist which I currently have over 170 webinars to watch.
  • I also try and keep an eye out for interesting webinars from Ancestry Academy and Family Search Webinars.
  • I watch all the videos released by DEARMyrtle.
  • I watch the videos put out by Lisa Louise Cooke and I also listen to her podcast monthly.  Absolutely love her book club.
  • I have a stack of genealogy books including:
    • Mastering Genealogical Proof
    • Genealogy and the Law
    • Evidence Explained
  • I also plan to do the study groups that Dear Myrtle has for the above books.
  • I watch youtube videos such as ancestry, The National Archives UK.
  • I generally read a lot of blogs daily, and facebook groups.
  • I have some magazines which I have purchase but not read.  Therefore I do plan to read these.

I generally do approximately 2 – 3 hours per day of genealogy learning through the weekday’s.  At the weekend I do a bit more, an average of 3 – 5 hours per day. I generally love learning and broadening my knowledge.

Mission Complete.


Getting Organised – Checklist 10th Jan – 16th Jan


This is my blog post for the checklist of the second week (10th Jan 2016 – 16th Jan) of FINALLY Get Organised by Dear Mytrle. 

1. First, back up your data.

Last year, one of my external hard drives stopped working. This did not have any of my genealogy data on, however over the past few years when I’ve been changing my computers I’ve been backing up to that hard drive before the upgrade happened (just incase).  So realising I lost years of information and wasn’t 1005 sure what exactly was on it, I decided to use a cloud storage.  Lisa Louise Cooke was advertising about Back Blaze at this time.  I looked into it and thought I’d give it a try.  I’ve used it since then, love the fact that it copies your hard drive’s and then you can have a look at it (and retrieve documentation) from your tablet, phone and laptop.

2. Decide on a genealogy management program

I brought Family Tree Maker last year, mainly for the sync to When I heard that Ancestry were no longer supporting it, I decided to have a look at other genealogy software’s.  I found Legacy and have been using it for about a month, and absolutely love the software. I am currently transferring all my data to Legacy.

3. Check the data inputted for myself and that of the three older generations of the Hill surname in Legacy.

I have mainly done this with 2 of the generations (myself and my parents), as I am currently researching my grandparents (3rd generation).

4. Set aside a 3-ring binder for my Hill surname and label oversize tabs as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation.

I am generally using digital to store my data.  However, as advised by DEAR Myrtle, it would be nice to have a binder with the information in so I can show people the binder my findings when I either go home for a bit or if they come and see me.

5. Print out family group sheets starting with myself and place them behind the oversize tabbed 3-ring dividers.

I have done this slightly different to Dear Myrtle. I am currently doing it like this:

1st generation – Myself (all documentation related to me will be here)

2nd generation – My dad (all documentation related to my dad will be here)

3rd generation – My grand father (all documentation related to my grand father will be here)

4th generation – My great grand father (all documentation related to my great grand father will be here).

6. Scan, file and print, to each of these four generations of the Hill surname and add to the relevant computer folder / behind the oversized tab.

I have created folders on my computer that complement my binder, therefore if anyone was to look at my computer or the binder it would be the same format.  If I had a paper copy I scanned it into my computer and stored it in the correct folder.  If I have documentation within my computer/ancestry, I printed it out to put in my binder.  This way my binder stores everything that was on my computer and vice versa.

7. Create an introduction for binder and digital files.

I have done the introduction for binder and digital files.  I have put my name, date and the version number on it.  I decided to add a table of the different versions so I can advise what the difference for people who view the introduction.

8. Add a “genealogy codicil” to your will by making an appointment with your attorney.

I have not done this one, as I’ve only been doing genealogy for a year and a few months. My tree is not that big at the moment, and most of the documentation I have either belongs to my parents or my boyfriend’s family. Therefore I have left this for now, however will review regularly to see if it is required.

Feeling like I have a good system going so far.

Ready for the next one!





52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 2


Ivor Frank Hill.  This is my grandfather on my father’s side.

Ivor Frank Hill was born on 10th March 1923 in Cardiff, Wales to Idris Frank Hill and Annie Hill (maiden name Lovett).  He was the oldest of his siblings.

He married Beatrice Emily Newcombe on 21st April 1945 at The Parish Church, Cadoxton, Barry. They had 7 children. During his life his occupation was a tinsmith and plumber at Bailey’s Dry Dock.

Unfortunately, he passed away from bronchopneumonia and cancer of the left lung at Llandough hospital, Penarth, Wales on the 29 Jan 1998.

He is buried on 3rd Feb 1998 with his mother, Annie Hill and father, Idris Frank Hill at Barry Cemetery, plot number X235.