Transferring All Data to Legacy

Since being back from holiday I have been continuing to transfer my data from FTM to Legacy.  I only used FTM due to the sync ability to, however with Ancestry taking away their support and eventually the sync (on 1st January 2017) I decided to look at other alternatives.  I liked the look of Legacy and have purchased the premium version.  Instead of transferring my gedcom over to Legacy, as I have only been researching my family for a year or so my tree is not very big, therefore I decided to manually input the information.  This meant that all my sources and notes will be updated at the same time (something that I did not do when I began).

I’m hoping shortly I can get back to my boyfriend’s grandfathers, Robert Maxfield, military records.  I received his World War 2 military records a few months ago and I have done a timeline and I now researching what his particular regiment was doing at the time together with operations that he may have been involved in. I am making a story of this.

So far next year, I will be looking at doing the following things:

Well back to Legacy I go.

Signing off for now.




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