Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

So decided to accept the challenge from Geneamusings Saturday Night Genealogy Fun 27th December 2015.(blog here:

“What gift that you received for Christmas is your favourite for genealogy purposes? Book, magazine, hardware, software, website subscription, research time, DNA test – what was it, and how will it affect your genealogy research?”

So I got a few genealogical items I requested a kindle voucher and with this I purchased the following books, Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills and Genealogy and the Law.  I also received Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 to help me with scanning pictures and editing where necessary. 

My favourite items received has to be the Adobe Photoshop.  I have been using free photo editors, which I have not enjoyed using.  I am looking forward to going home tomorrow (as I was away for the Christmas period) and start using it on the photographs I have stored on my computer. I am looking forward to digitalising photographs just  in case anything happens to the originals and also taking copies from relatives and editing them if necessary.

Well that’s it for now!



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