Transferring All Data to Legacy

Since being back from holiday I have been continuing to transfer my data from FTM to Legacy.  I only used FTM due to the sync ability to, however with Ancestry taking away their support and eventually the sync (on 1st January 2017) I decided to look at other alternatives.  I liked the look of Legacy and have purchased the premium version.  Instead of transferring my gedcom over to Legacy, as I have only been researching my family for a year or so my tree is not very big, therefore I decided to manually input the information.  This meant that all my sources and notes will be updated at the same time (something that I did not do when I began).

I’m hoping shortly I can get back to my boyfriend’s grandfathers, Robert Maxfield, military records.  I received his World War 2 military records a few months ago and I have done a timeline and I now researching what his particular regiment was doing at the time together with operations that he may have been involved in. I am making a story of this.

So far next year, I will be looking at doing the following things:

Well back to Legacy I go.

Signing off for now.




Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

So decided to accept the challenge from Geneamusings Saturday Night Genealogy Fun 27th December 2015.(blog here:

“What gift that you received for Christmas is your favourite for genealogy purposes? Book, magazine, hardware, software, website subscription, research time, DNA test – what was it, and how will it affect your genealogy research?”

So I got a few genealogical items I requested a kindle voucher and with this I purchased the following books, Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills and Genealogy and the Law.  I also received Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 to help me with scanning pictures and editing where necessary. 

My favourite items received has to be the Adobe Photoshop.  I have been using free photo editors, which I have not enjoyed using.  I am looking forward to going home tomorrow (as I was away for the Christmas period) and start using it on the photographs I have stored on my computer. I am looking forward to digitalising photographs just  in case anything happens to the originals and also taking copies from relatives and editing them if necessary.

Well that’s it for now!


First Post

Hello there!

After much thought, I have decided to do a public blog.  I have been working on a private blog however I am unable to make that blog public due to living relatives being mentioned on it. Hence why I am making a new blog.

I have decided to do the 52 ancestors in 52 weeks (blog here advising what it is so starting from 6th January 2015 I will be publishing a story of an ancestor from either my family or my boyfriend’s family. I am hoping I can investigate the ancestor and publish a story about them.  I will post every Wednesday.

Signing off on my first post.