52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 6

Today, I am writing about my great grand mother, Jenny Eugene Ude (Jenny Eugene Moyst) aka Eugene. I do not have a picture of her unfortunately, however this is the first shocking death I have come across during my research.

Jenny Eugene Ude was born on 19th Janaury 1901 in Wales.  She was one of seven to Theodore Ude and Anne Ude (formerly Lebender). Her parents were German who had immigrated in USA prior to immigrating to United Kindgom.

Her father, Theodore Ude (aka Louis Ude) passed away in Jan 1909 from Lock Jaw.  The information I have found is that Theodore had a issue with his foot and request some cow manure onto his foot, which led to tetanus and lock jaw.

On 7th May 1927, Eugene married William Ernest at Cardiff Registry.  They had seven child during there marriage.

On 20th April 1957, Jenny Eugene passed due to a pulmonary oedema due to aspirin poisoning.  She took her own life.  See below of the newspaper article taken from the Barry & District, dated 9th May 1957 page 2.

newspaper1-suicidepng version.png

She was buried on 24th April 1957 at Barry cemetery, Plot T277. Picture of the grave is below.

William & Anne Grave.jpg

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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 5

robert-jpgRobert Maxfield.  This is my grandfather in law (Chris’ grandfather).

Robert Maxfield was born on 7th August 1920 at 5 Ribston Street, Hulme, Chorlton cum Hardy, Lancashire, England to Albert E Maxfield and Sarah E Maxfield (maiden name Steele).

In November 1939, Robert joined the army. Robert infact gave his age as 20, however at the time he was 19.  Looking online, this seems to be that at the time, all men between 20 and 23 were required to register to serve in one of the armed forces.  He was assigned to the 5th border regiment.

In April 1940, Robert finished his training and was posted to Lile, France.  His regiment fell under the control of the 126th infantry brigade.  Robert fought in the Battle for Dunkirk and was evacuated in June 1940.

During the next few years, he was transferred to 126th brigade, 30th border regiment, 30th Manchester Regiment, 21st Independent Para Company.  Robert was discharged from the military on Jan 1947 for being unfit for duty. He did get a exemplary rating from the military.

I have not gone through all the records as of yet and will write a full page about his military history in the near future. However, I have been told that Robert fought in the battle of Arman where he was shot in the head and leg.

Robert married in Isle of Wight (his wife is still living and I am unable to give out her name).

In 1975, Robert Maxfield passed away at his home address from Carcinoma of the Bronchus. He was surrounded by his wife, sons and daughter-in-laws.  His occupation at the time was electrical service mechanic.

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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 4


Robert Alfred Cripps (aka Bob). This is my grandfather on my maternal side of the family.

Robert Alfred Cripps was born on 27th December 1929 in Uxbridge, Middlesex to Horace and Eva Cripps.  He had 2 older brothers, Horace John and Dennis Cripps.

In 1941, at the age of 12, Robert moved to Barry, South Glamorgan with his family.

He did his military service between 1948 – 1950. He was a driver at 1st Batt Welch Regiment.  He was working as a Railway Porter prior to this.

Robert married his girlfriend Marie Louise Moyst who lived a few doors down from him at Old Village Church, Cadoxton on 24th July 1954.

In 1956, Robert started working at BP, however at the time the name was Distillers. He started his career as a labourer, then later became a operator and fitters mate and factory service operator, utilities and supplied. He retired in 1981 where he was working as a assistant storeman. engineering and technical, after working there for 25 year, where he was given a purple TV for his service.

Robert Cripps passed away on 7th December 1999 at Llandough Hospital from left ventricular failure.  He was buried at Barry Cemetery at DD296.

Next week, I will be looking at Robert Maxfield, who is the grandfather of Chris.



52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks -Week 3

Marie Louise Moyst (Marie Louise Cripps).


This is my grandmother on my mother’s side.

Marie Louise Moyst was born on 26th July 1929 to Jenny Eugene and William Ernest Moyst.  She was one of seven; six girls and 1 boy.

She attended Cadoxton Girls School and later went on to work as a tailor at Sideroy Mills.

Marie fell in love with Robert Alfred Cripps, who lived a few doors down the road from her.  She married him on 24 July 1954 at Old Village, Church, Cadoxton, Barry. They had one child.

Marie’s mother, Jenny Eugene committed suicide at her home address, on 20th April 1957. and her father, William Ernest passed away at his home address on 21 February, 1962.

Marie’s husband, Robert passed away on 7th December 1999 at Llandough Hospital, Penarth.

She passed away on 17th December 2004 at Heath Hospital (ie University Hospital of Wales) due to multi-organ failure at the age of 75 years old.

Her funeral took place at Adams Funeral Home  on 30th December 2004 and was buried at Barry Cemetery DD296.

Bob & Maries grave 2.jpg

Next week, I will writing about Robert Alfred Cripps.

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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 2


Ivor Frank Hill.  This is my grandfather on my father’s side.

Ivor Frank Hill was born on 10th March 1923 in Cardiff, Wales to Idris Frank Hill and Annie Hill (maiden name Lovett).  He was the oldest of his siblings.

He married Beatrice Emily Newcombe on 21st April 1945 at The Parish Church, Cadoxton, Barry. They had 7 children. During his life his occupation was a tinsmith and plumber at Bailey’s Dry Dock.

Unfortunately, he passed away from bronchopneumonia and cancer of the left lung at Llandough hospital, Penarth, Wales on the 29 Jan 1998.

He is buried on 3rd Feb 1998 with his mother, Annie Hill and father, Idris Frank Hill at Barry Cemetery, plot number X235.



52 Ancestors in 52 weeks – Week 1

52 Ancestors in 52 weeks – Week 1

Beatrice Emily Hill / Beatrice Emily Newcombe

This is my grand mother on my father’s side of the family.

Beatrice Emily Newcombe (aka Betty) was born on 13th February 1924 in Cardiff, Wales. Her parents were Florence Sainsbury and John Goss Newcombe.  She was the youngest of 11 confirmed children (rumour that there was 13 children however not confirmed).

She married Ivor Frank Hill on 21st April 1945 and they had 7 children.

My dad can recall as a child numerous beach trips.  Betty would make a picnic and when word got around  every kid in the street would come with them.

I was lucky to have known her.  I used to call her nanny with the dogs, as she loved animals and always had dogs.  She also had cats and a cockatiel.

I do recall her bringing a tortoise to our house one day, as the tortoise was just wandering around the streets.  No one claimed him, therefore we kept the tortoise and named him Toby.

Betty lost most of her eye sight during her older years, I do recall her looking from the side of her eye to look at me.  The last dog she had was Ica, which was an Alsatian which was her trusted guide dog (not trained), he never left her side.

Her husband Ivor Frank Hill passed away in 1998 from Broncopneumonia and lung cancer.

Unfortunately, Betty was diagnosed with pancreas cancer in July 2004.  She was given 2 -4 weeks to live however, she lived for 12 weeks. Her wishes were to pass away in her home, therefore she was watched by her sons, daughters, son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws and the Macmillan Nurses came in to make sure everything was okay. She passed away at her home address in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.

She was cremated and her ashes were scattered with her dog’s ashes who died shortly after and was cremated.

Next week I will be looking at her husband (my grandfather) Ivor Frank Hill.

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